Loving God, Serving Others


July 12, 2024
Smokin’ Hot Greetings, Saints!
Man, the heat is on. I hope you’re staying cool. If you have a basement, use it! 
Just to be fair, I think we’ve had a pretty good run, weather-wise, up to this point. And it is the middle of summer! What did we expect? This too shall pass.
Those of you who know Terry & Karen, don’t forget to respond to them concerning their July 27 birthday shindig. No gifts, just fun. Message or call to RSVP. 
This Sunday evening is the concert to benefit New Hope Resource Center. Head on over there at the corner of Hwy 2 and Colbert Road for music (classic rock) and great BBQ food to purchase: hot dogs, brats, chips, soda and ice cream. Oh, and baked goods will be available to purchase as well. Bring a lawn chair.  It’s a good cause!
VBS begins this Monday! Are you ready?? I hope you’re prayed up and ready to invite any neighbors 4 years thru 6th grade. For those 40-some volunteers (wow- thank you!!), there will be a meeting right after church. Lunch will be served (pizza & water. Bring your own other beverage). Keep on praying during the week. It concludes with a meal for all on Thursday evening. 
This Sunday, Gary will bring the heat, message-wise, on a theme he’s been contemplating for a while: revival preparation. He’s speaking from Psalm 51. It’s gonna be good. 
See you soon?
Pastor Rob
p.s. Many of you heard our brief series on spiritual gifts and abilities a while back, and you filled out a profile of those gifts, abilities and experiences. We haven’t forgotten about you! All that info is now on a spreadsheet. The elders are looking at them and praying about next steps, one of which is getting groups of those with the same gift to talk about involvement. Thanks for your patience. 


p.p.s. Late last March or early April I mentioned I’d do a series on pressing cultural issues. I’d still like to, but I discovered the large amount of research that was needed for that! I decided to stick with Genesis for now, and will consider the hot-topic issues in the future.