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November 13, 2020

Heidi-ho there Neighbor!

I hope you survive the snow. The forecast is 100% for the white stuff. Shovel well: lift with legs, not back! (I tell myself that all the time while shoveling, but I can ignore myself fairly well…)Boy, have we got a lot going on.

**The Men’s Daylong Retreat is Saturday, 9-2:30. Donuts to start the day and BBQ for lunch! Catered! Oh, and Randy Altmeyer from HRC will be speaking. It all sounds good. $15 pays for lunch. 

**Shoeboxes are due Sunday! Get ’em packed and in here so they can get on their way around the world. It’s that time, people.

**Cookie fellowship time returns on Sunday! It will be scaled back. Cookies will be store-bought, prepared for you by gentle rubber-gloved hands and served in cups so you can hoof it back into the sanctuary for… 

**The annual business meeting. It happens on Sunday after the service, roughly at 11:30. If you’re not a member, you’re free to attend but not to vote. (A couple of you have expressed interest in membership. We’ll have that soon). If you’re at home and want to peek in at the meeting, check out the Zoom link and passcode below. You won’t be able to vote, but you can see what’s going on. It’s going to be a relatively simple meeting: we’re voting on two returning elders and one returning deacon. We’ll vote on the budget, a tad less that last year. That’s it. If people have questions, we’ll entertain those. No staff additions, no constitution changes.There we go. You should be done in time for the Hawks game if you’re a fan. Hey, 

Good News!YOU gave $495 thru Partners to the 10/40 window, with an emphasis on reaching the unreached. Thank you so much!

More Good News: Kid Zone is humming along! We have teachers lined up thru April and a lot of kids are enjoying it. Last Sunday I talked to Julie and her kids. The little girl went to Kid Zone the previous Sunday, brought the memory verse home and told her brother. They both came back with verses learned, eager to attend the Zone! Thanks to all you who have volunteered. Volunteering opportunity: Julie Hale is having hip surgery on December 1. She’ll have someone in 2-3 days a week for light housecleaning, but she’ll need some assistance for the first week or so for getting up and around. Any ladies out there who can hang out with Julie for a day? Give her a call. AND… unique opportunity. Monique Smith will teach a one hour class about how to handle an aggressive dog when you’re out for a walk, with or without your dog. What’s best to do? Monique is a dog trainer and has worked with local law enforcement with bomb and drug sniffing dogs. It’s a free class here at the church next Thursday, 6:30pm at the fellowship hall. Come on down! AANNDD… Are you interested in ministry downtown? CCC is looking for a liaison from the church to City Gate, that ministry to street people.  Yes, we make sandwiches and donate, but we’d like someone who is a link with the downtown ministry, more of a partnership and not just dropping sandwiches and running. Talk with then missions team or Vickie Hershey.  SUNDAY… Rick is teaching in 1 Corinthians at 9 and the sermon will be from that tough passage at the end of Acts 15, where good missionaries disagree. Ouch.

See you Sunday?
Pastor Rob