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April 16th, 2021

Spring Fever Greetings, Peeps!

Are you doing yard work? Walking without a jacket? Baring those pasty arms to the sun for the first time in forever? I’m usually ‘depressed’ in the fall at the prospect of darker colder days, but in the spring… it’s sunshine and lollipops. (Well, sunshine, anyways). I have a niece who recently moved from Hawaii to Montana. When she landed, she remarked about the invigorating weather (it was 45 degrees and she left Honolulu that morning at 78). I asked if she was going to miss the Hawaii weather. She commented on the sameness; it just didn’t change a whole lot. Maybe with our four seasons, the variety enhances our appreciation of the sunshine and warmer temps. Regardless, I’m thankful. Interesting development! Julie McCord and her husband turned over what they assumed was a piece of old sidewalk in their back yard… and discovered a grave marker. The names on it are Clifford and Elsie Hotchkiss. Is that familiar to anyone? Julie lives in the Chattaroy Hills area and their yard doesn’t look like an old cemetery. They’re not sure if the marker was thrown there or if there really is someone buried in back. Let me know at rob.sheild@chattaroycc.com. Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this… (this mystery, not this grave). 

This Sunday at 9, we’re back for more interesting interviews concerning progressive Christianity. I have a feeling we could do a lot more talking in there! Some of the statements made just HAVE to be responded to. Come early for a seat. 

In our 10am service, we keep going in the book of Acts. By my reckoning, we’ll preach the last one on May 9. I believe it will be a total of 46 messages in that book. That’s a record for me! This week we’ll see how the Romans are beginning to be the agents used by God to not only protect Paul but point him toward Rome. With all the trouble he ran into in Jerusalem, just why did he have to go there? We shall see. 

It’s time to gather those yard sale items, dust them off and get ready to bring them to church… but NOT YET! The time to drop them off is May 13. The sale is that Friday & Saturday. Enjoy the weather, Saints.

See you Sunday? 

Pastor Rob