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Notes from the Pastor

February 21, 2020

Hey there, peeps.
It feels like we’re slowly pulling out of winter. I know it’s cold at nights, but I’m actually glad. Really. After that wild warming a few weeks ago, I prayed for colder weather (totally against my nature). It was the fear of rapid thawing that leads to flooding, and I’m thrilled it’s colder for that reason.
But I’m still pulling for spring. LOVING the longer daylight! Debbie has been out poking around in the soil, impatient for some kind of planting. I’m anxious to get back to regular disc golfing.
Hey, this Sunday we start a whole new class in the ACE time, 9-9:45am. Dave Hawkinson will be teaching in Gotta Tell Somebody. Don’t you feel like it’s difficult to have meaningful discussions about God with people you love? Dave is going to explore ways to begin those conversations. Join us!
AND (drum roll please) it’s Gospel Sunday! Gotta love those tunes. Steve will lead us in some great rhythmic music that has us thinking about heaven (aka ‘the sweet by & by’). Plus, we’ll have the difficult story of Ananias and Sapphira, those two church-goers who lied and died. Why? That must have been a pretty dramatic event in the life of the early church. Come on down.
See you Sunday?

Pastor Rob

p.s.Hey, don’t forget about the men’s ministry raffle: 5 bucks buys you a pop at dinner at Anthony’s downtown (great fish and great views!) or a couple of tickets to the Wandermere Cinemas. Check ’em out this Sunday.
p.p.s. There will be NO prayer next Thursday morning, Feb 27, here at the church; most of the pray-ers will be at a conference. (But we’re always ready to pray most Mondays, 7-8pm at the Edwards home and Thursdays, 7:30-8:30am at the church. Join us!).