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February 19, 2021

Good Late Winter Greetings, People!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking at the tail end of February, spring can’t be far behind. Yeah, the weather might not be entirely indicative, but the trend is positive. I’m still giddy about sunlight lasting later into the day. That makes me smile. 

Hey, the food distribution is going well (need any??). It happens every Thursday from roughly 11 to 2pm at the church parking lot (for a limited time) . By the way, for the remaining three weeks, we need a volunteer to just kind of monitor (‘babysit’) the food so no one backs up a cargo van and stocks their own larder. You available? Hey, remember that old poster, “Uncle Sam Needs You?” His bony finger pointing right at your maw? Well, imagine our hand pointed in your direction! (Graciously, in a friendly manner…) We need two or more Deacons, not to do everything, but to oversee various things in the church. The deacons meet monthly, overseeing the budget, physical plant and a few other things. Are you game? Talk to Don Workman, Vickie Hershey or Penni Loomis if you have any questions. Dive in and play your part!

Hey, we continue with the video series on Missions, Sunday’s at 9am. Check it out.

And, at Sunday’s service we’ll shake things up a bit in regard to the order 🙂 and also talk about a riot back in the day. It’s an interesting bit of scripture: last half of Acts 19. How might we apply that?? Hmmmmm.   

I know the chart below is a week late, but I thought it was an interesting take on biblical romance (??). Of all the scenarios below, which are not really from the Bible? Yes, there’s some interesting things in scripture! The Babylon Bee is a favorite satire site. Check ’em out. 

See you Sunday? 

Pastor Rob