Loving God, Serving Others


September 23, 2022
Official Fall Greetings, People!
Yep. The calendar now says it, confirming your observation of the leaves beginning to change and the cool mornings and evenings. What’s your favorite fall food? Once again, I’m thinking of pumpkin donuts up at Green Bluff…  I like squash as well this time of year… and vine-ripened tomatoes in a BLT. (I must be hungry!) If we’ve gotta ease into winter, I couldn’t think of a better way than fall (other than flying somewhere warm, which isn’t really ‘easing’, is it?).
I read this recently: “I have lived to thank God that all my prayers have not been answered.” Jean Ingelow.  Can you say that honestly? Can you remember things you absolutely begged God for that you didn’t get… and later were grateful? Maybe it was someone you wanted to marry. Maybe it was for a certain job or a certain house.  Later, you saw the wisdom of unanswered prayer. There were some careers I chased which I thought would be fine, but God probably saw as a distraction from ministry. Thank God he’s got hindsight, foresight and wisdom to know just what we need and when. Is there anything you’re now asking of God pretty heatedly? It’s all about trust, eh? 
What’s Goin’ on…
The monthly Ladies Luncheon will be TODAY at Rancho Chico at the Y. Noon. You buy your lunch but the fellowship is free. 🙂
The Book Sale benefiting Women’s Ministry happens this Sunday after church. But it won’t happen successfully unless you drop off books! Do that this Saturday between 11 and 2. Then bring some cash to donate on Sunday and come on downstairs to browse for new titles. I’ll race you down there. 
Only two more Sundays to secure your chance to score one of three $100 gift cards for either Clinkerdaggers, Twigs or Anthony’s (by the falls). $5 gets you a ticket. This benefits Men’s Ministry. I’ve got a few tickets in there & I’m wondering if I should increase my odds…
Time is running out to be a vendor at our Craft Fair slated for Oct 22. $30 gets you a table. Fall seems like the perfect time for these. Perhaps it’s the opportunity to find some great unique Christmas presents. 
Home groups, here’s that service opportunity you’ve been looking for: New Hope Resource Center has a monthly lunch for their clients, up to 30 people. They’re asking for groups to sponsor one lunch: prep it, bring it, serve it and clean it up. It can be salad, sandwiches, soup… anything somewhat nourishing. Call Connie  to reserve your month: 509-467-2900. 
This Sunday… 
Story Hour will be downstairs for kids, continuing in the allegory, Tales of the Kingdom, during Ace, 9-9:45am. Rick continues his study on basic spiritual growth at that time.  And in the service, I’ll share the story form of 1 Kings 3, where Solomon asks for wisdom. That chapter is suited to the story vehicle, for sure. You purists out there, don’t worry! I’ll bring application and ask you a few questions after the read. 
See you Sunday?
Pastor Rob
p.s. Speaking of nourishing, check out the meal below. That looks like one tasty handful of heart attack. How would you even eat that??