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July 2, 2021

Amazed salutations, People!

Yesterday morning Deb and I woke up to the sound of thunder. What in the world? There was no rain forecast. We hustled out to the front door and saw… RAIN! Yes, it was just a shower, but come on! What have we been praying for?? Perhaps it’s just a bit of encouragement to those of us who have prayed for rain. Keep your eyes on the horizon for a cloud the size of a man’s hand… and keep praying!

I know a lot of you are vacationing. Enjoy the weekend! Recreation can really be Re-Creation, a time to rejuvenate (did you even juvenate in the first place?!? But I digress…). Step back, see and do something different and recharge the batteries. Travel safe.  

With the help of Rick Jarmer and Bill Hughes, we are looking at our organizational and leadership structure. These two have gifts in these areas and I do not. We want to sharpen up our communication and understanding of ‘who fits where?’ and ‘who reports to whom?’ and ‘just what are the expectations anyway?'[ I’m a bit more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants guy, but that doesn’t always serve us in the long run. I don’t envision a bunch of change but more like a clarifying of roles, responsibilities and communication which will help all of us. Pray for Rick, Bill, myself and the elders as we consider these things. 

Have you calendarized the Family Fun Fest yet? Mark down August 21st as a day to invite friends and relatives (hopefully they’re the same…). PRAY for this event, for the gathering of the various pieces and for the proper promotion of the day. So far we have face painting, a taco truck, music, a bouncy castle, both a church info table and a prayer table and… more. We want this to be a light-hearted intro of our church to the community, all on the banks of the beautiful Little Spokane River. Pray for God’s blessing as we meet more neighbors. 

This Sunday (July 4!) we will have a couple patriotic songs, a prayer video and, being the first Sunday of the month, communion. I’ll speak from the last half of Genesis 4 and all of Genesis 5. I call it A Tale of Two Cultures… and that is what it is. We see the lineage of the rebel Cain… and also of those who chose a different path. 

See you Sunday? 

Pastor Rob