Loving God, Serving Others


March 10, 2023
Mid-March greetings, Saints!
I can barely stand to talk about the snow one more time… so on to something more meaningful. 🙂
A couple weeks ago, I talked about ‘Revival?’ and borrowed something from the Welsh revival of 1904 (where 100,000 people came to know Jesus in nine months). Evan Roberts, wherever he would go, asked believers to do four things: 1) Confess all known sin; 2) Lay aside every doubtful habit; 3) Obey the Spirit promptly and 4) Confess Christ openly. How’s it going? Many of you raised your hands, saying you agreed to do those things. In psalm 85 where it talks about revival, the psalmist concludes with this: “Righteousness goes before him and prepares the way for his steps.  Just like John the baptizer prepared the way for Jesus with his baptism of repentance, so our repentance and pursuit of righteousness will make the way smooth for God’s work among us. ‘Prepare ye the way!’
A couple Calendar items: On this coming Tuesday, March 14, we’ll have this month’s Prime Time with an Irish theme. Eat Lucky Charms for breakfast and then join us for a program & lunch at 11 downstairs. On Thursday, March 16, the ladies are having a game day at the church from 1 to 3pm. Get ready for the CCC’s Got Talent on Friday April 21. We’ll have an ice cream social time afterwards, with any donations going to the Mexico mission this summer.  The women’s retreat is coming up April 28-30.  And don’t forget to hold on to ‘garage sale’ items for the big Awana sale on May 19-20
This is the weekend of… Daylight Saving Time! Sometime on Saturday, set those clocks AHEAD one hour (yep, we lose sleep. Go to bed early to make up for it or take a longer nap Sunday afternoon). I always hear these rumors that our state voted to dispel this chaos, but it seems nothing is finalized. One day we won’t need the sun, moon or clocks, and it will all work just fine. Hallelujah! 
This Sunday we have all the usual suspects: Ace on Worship and Story Hour at 9, and the service at 10. I’ll be in the last chapter of 1 Kings, 22. When I pick it up again, we’ll just keep plowing our way through. You might remember that 1 and 2 Kings were once the same book, just Kings, until the content was too long for a normal scroll, so they divided it in two (same for Samuel and Chronicles).    
See you Sunday?
Pastor Rob