Loving God, Serving Others


December 2, 2022
Aloha, Saints!
No, I’m not going to Hawaii… but it’s nice to think about after digging out from 12 inches of snow! I trust you’re dug out. Anyone need help? Let your home group or church know. While listening to your favorite Christmas music, try not to smile when you hear, I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas. No need for us to dream this year…
I attended a couple meetings with pastors this week. The main goal was to see about interest in a move of God in Spokane County. A meeting is planned for the spring titled Journey to Transformation. George Otis analyzed 800 more-contemporary revivals and 200 historical ones, and came up with some common denominators. This isn’t a four step formula, “Easy steps to revival.” You can’t plan that. But you can try to set the table, primarily by asking God with others. A sense of desperation is key. So, dozens of leaders were invited… but only 14 showed for the first meeting (Wednesday morning, when it was coming down thick and fast) and 11 for the one on Thursday, after roads had been plowed. I’m not sure why the small response. Was it the weather? Was it just one too many meetings for busy people? Or was it that people don’t really see the need. When I look at our culture and some of the crazy stuff going on, I can’t help but think that if we don’t have a move of God, we’ll lose the country we’ve known. I feel desperate for God’s touch on the church and culture. I’ll be praying that others see the need. But the good news is that many revivals started with just a few people praying. We’ll keep at it. 
Speaking of prayer, pastor Rick has floated the idea of a prayer time Sunday mornings from 8 to 8:45 am. If we did that, would you come? Would that be easier for you than Monday afternoons or Thursday mornings? Seriously. Don’t say ‘yes’ and never show. If there are enough who respond positively, we’d consider it. Let me know:  rob.sheild@chattaroycc.com
We’re just trying to find the best time for those who want to pray together. 
Hey, something has come up in regard to parking. If you are able, please park in the lot across Yale. Sometimes those who need a close spot due to physical issues arrive close to the service starting and they need to park way out west. So if you can hoof it, please leave spots for those with constraints and visitors. Thank you.  
We have a tree in the fellowship hall with kids names and ages on it: these are Ukrainian refugee kids. Help make their Christmas a little brighter. Take one of two paper ornaments, get a small gift and wrap it up, marking it with the tag or the designation, like “Girl age 11”. Return it soon and we’ll bring it down with us on Dec 22. Join us if you’d like! 
Our Advent Offering continues thru Jan 1. $45.10 buys you a solar powered audio Bible… to give to one of the thousands of Kamano-Kafe folks in Papua New Guinea, some of whom are illiterate. Let’s see how many we can purchase for the Mattock’s outreach! If we raise $15,000, we can purchase 332 Bibles. Where would you & I be without a Bible? Write checks to the church and put ‘Advent’ on the memo line. Thanks Church!
This Sunday is the last time to sign up for the Women’s Christmas Brunch on Dec 10. Do so in the Fellowship Hall. Looks like a lot of you are interested!
And on Sunday, Story Hour is downstairs and the video series on the Nicene Creed continues upstairs at 9. In the service, we’ll look at the kings who followed Solomon. They didn’t do much better. On the bright side, we’ll remember the death of Jesus for us, enabling us to do better than ancient kings because we have the Holy Spirit residing within. 
See you Sunday?
Pastor Rob