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June 18, 2021

Warm Weather greetings, People!

In our prayer meetings we’re thanking God for the rain whenever it comes. I believe God answered! Let’s keep asking for God to have Mercy on us. We don’t deserve it, but we sure need it. And God is full of grace, amen? 

The other day in my own reading I looked over that famous passage where God tells Solomon to ask for whatever he wants. Of course, as the new king he asks for wisdom and knowledge to lead God’s people. Good answer. Here’s my question to you: what would you ask God for?   Why?   Are you asking for it now? 

 Heads up: There’s no PrimeTime for the summer months. Enjoy getting out there! And, we will resume Ace (Adult Christian Ed) in the fall as well. Charles has taken on an additional project and is up to his armpits in alligators (metaphorically speaking). 🙂 I’ve received an email from another brother in the area who is aware of the tough decisions faced by Riverside School District. Mandates on LGBTQ etc are coming from Olympia. Our board is more conservative than the legislators on the west side. But if they don’t hear from us, they may not find the impetus to fight back. That’s where we come in. If you live in the school district and especially if you have kids in Riverside schools, let your voice be heard! There are school board meetings from 5:30 to 7:30 each of these Thursdays: June 24, July 22 and August 26. Drop by and encourage them to protect our kids. Prepare a brief statement explaining how you feel about girls having boys claiming to be girls in their locker rooms or on the athletic field, or about certain theories about race taught in school, etc. GOD BLESS YOU. We need to speak up. 

Come on down for the service this Sunday… It’s Gospel Sunday! There’s the message from Genesis 3 about the consequences of our forebear’s decisions AND… pie for all to celebrate dads! (That is if you bring one… You ARE bringing a pie, right?)

See you Sunday? 

Pastor Rob

p.s. there’s  a Men of God Prayer March on June 26, 1-3pm. Meet at the Clock Tower downtown. Email  milestones1ministries@gmail.com for more info.