New Tribes Mission

New Tribes Mission

Ministry Description:

Greg and Laura helped plant two churches among the Waxe people group of Papua New Guinea and have just completed translating the New Testament.  The Waxe churches continue to grow under the leadership of local elders and deacons and Greg provides discipleship and support for the church leaders.  Greg and Laura work on an itinerant basis out of Colorado Springs.  Greg also serves as an International Translation Consultant for New Tribes Mission, traveling to other countries, checking translations in preparation for their printing.

New Tribes Mission
1000 E First St
Stanford FL  32771

Prayer Focus:

  • Spiritual growth and wisdom for church leaders as they teach the church
  • The churches’ growing love of the Word of God
  • Protection from false teachings that are circulating in the villages by other church groups
  • Greg and Laura’s physical health to improve and remain healthy Smooth process for the actual printing of the New Testament overseas